How does Pure Harvest practice sustainable farming?

Using fewer resources, we reach efficiency levels that are 30 times better than traditional field farming and seven times more than desert greenhouses.

Is Pure Harvest produce available all year long?

Absolutely! At Pure Harvest, we have adapted to sustainable agriculture which takes into account conservation of resources and takes away challenges like arid soil conditions, harsh sunlight etc. So we’re not dependent on seasons or availability of specific weather conditions for our produce to grow. As a result, we have fresh, delicious produce that you can enjoy, all year round.

How is Pure Harvest produce better than imported produce?

With Pure Harvest, you get tasty, fresh and top-quality produce that’s available at lower prices than imported varieties - that's value-for-money! But that’s not all. Our nature-friendly farming methods also help take care of the environment and make the future more sustainable for generations to come.

How do the Pure Harvest products taste exceptional?

Careful selection of seeds, plenty of sunlight, the right temperature and humidity make our produce taste like they shouldTM.

How can farming and food production lead to a sustainable future?

Our vision, to create a sustainable future by reimagining farming and revolutionizing food production, has kept us going in our quest. Along the way, we leveraged innovative growing technologies & horticultural best practices. High-tech greenhouses for precise climate & environmental controls, advanced on-site water treatment for food safety, immediately cooling fresh picked produce for extending shelf life - we use technology to respond to nature's hostile challenges.

It shows in our produce, helping us preserve their freshness, firmness and flavour. Such methods have also enabled us to increase productivity and reduce waste, saving us water, energy & time.

Do I need to wash the products before consuming?

Since we strive for zero pesticide use, we opt for natural ways to keep the pests away. Consequently, we choose not to pre-wash our produce before packing and shipping them to retail stores. We firmly believe that not doing so enhances both the quality and freshness of our produce, so you’ll find them as tasty as ever when they get into your kitchen.

We take the utmost care at every stage of harvest and packing, so that the produce that reaches you is clean and hygienic. But still, it is advised to gently wash the produce with water (at regular temperature) before cooking.

Because to us, your health matters.

Where are your farms located?

Please visit Our Farms page to learn more.

Are the Pure Harvest products organically grown?

Pure Harvest is grown using hydroponic methods of farming, without the use of soil. We strive for zero pesticides and use beneficial insects instead of harmful chemicals to safeguard our crops.

Since we don’t use soil, our produce cannot be officially classified as ‘organic’. But our practices certainly make our produce cleaner than organic. With Pure Harvest, you get produce that is clean, fresh and locally grown. And of course, the best quality with great nutritional value.

Where can I buy your produce?

Please visit our Store Locator page to learn more and find a retailer near you.

What produce does Pure Harvest grow and sell?

Pure Harvest grows and sells a wide variety of leafy greens, tomatoes and strawberries. Please visit Our Produce page to learn more.

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