We began a mission to reliably provide great-tasting, fresh produce that is sustainably and locally grown.

This takes more than technology and innovative farming techniques – it takes people.

That’s the reason why we hold our culture paramount, and ensure that everyone on our team embodies the values we stand for.

Commitments that grow in value

Purpose = Power

When our purpose is large enough to rewrite the future of this planet, it becomes our power.

Results Matter

When the path to sustainable farming is about defying the odds, the only thing that matters in the end are results.

Grow Better Together

It may be an individual’s vision, but it takes an entire team to realize it. That’s the secret to constant growth.

Integrity = Everything

The purity in our products stems from the integrity in our approach. What we practice is what we deliver.

What do you enjoy about working at Pure Harvest?

Each year, we ask this question to our team. Here are the top answers we’ve received.

“Working at Pure Harvest is an adventure - constantly changing & evolving... It's like having a front-row seat, watching the process of a simple idea grow (no pun intended) into a worldwide business.”

Gaurav Daryanani
Financial Analyst

"I have always aspired to see people live and make a living from the environment and leave it in a better place. Working for Pure Harvest has made that dream come true"

Catherine Odhiambo
Catherine Odhiambo
Farm Chef

“What I like about working at Pure Harvest is the challenging environment that stimulates innovation and creativity!"

Janet Scott
Packing Supervisor

"For me, Pure Harvest is the place where consumer satisfaction and environmental sustainability are priorities!"

Maintenance Team Leader KSA

"I feel that our work is meaningful and that what we are doing makes a difference for others. Pure Harvest is a community where possibilities remain endless and where everyone's contribution matters. Pure Harvest is rewriting the rules and I am proud to be a part of this revolution."

Maggie Catsy
Maggie Catsy
Farm Operations Specialist

“Exciting to be part of a company that innovates and improves the way local produce is perceived in the region. All of us here share the same vision and passion of using technology to make a positive impact in our community and beyond."

Nasir Mahmoud
Nasir Mahmood
Consumer and Market Knowledge Manager

“It’s great working for a company that has a mission and a vision that tomatters, is driven by sustainability and has no limits to its ambitions!"

Hatem Rizkallah
Senior Commercial Manager

"Working in Pure Harvest has made me grow mentally and physically in terms of skill and experience"

Blandin Yufenyuy
Blandin Yufenyuy

“My journey at Pure Harvest has been rewarding in every way - exciting and challenging work underpinned with continuous learning. The icing on the cake is I get to work towards creating a better and sustainable future.”

Anush Selvamm
Strategic Finance Manager

"The company has helped me learn that everything is possible in any environment"

Janet Nyareru
Janet Nyareru
Quality Team Leader

"I am privileged and fortunate to work with the Pure Harvest team, they play a vital role in food security in the Middle East"

Anne Mbugua
Anne Mbugua

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Social connection

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Company Confidence

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Alignment and Involvement


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Why join our agri-tech community?

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Mental Wellness Support 

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Flexible Schedules 

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Meet the change makers

Structured to reflect both seniority and alphabetical order


Sky Kurtz
Founder & CEO


Anil Mehta
General Counsel
Jan Prins
Chief Grower
Saqib Zia
Chief Commercial Officer
Tariq Sanad
Chief Financial Officer

VPs / Directors

Fatema Haveliwalla
Vice President, Strategic Finance
Lucio Baron
Vice President, Strategy
Majed Halawi
Vice President, Engineering & Construction
Olivier Taisne
Vice President, Commercial & Logistics
Saliha Latif
People Director

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