Reimagining farming. Revolutionizing food production.
Our quest to a sustainable future began with a rethink on traditional farming methods. And ended up triggering a revolution.
Reimagining farming. Revolutionizing food production.
Our quest to a sustainable future began by challenging traditional farming methods. We ended up triggering a revolution.
Our Vision
Our Vision

Create a sustainable future by reimagining farming and revolutionizing food production

We harness the wonders of science, the power of nature and the passion of people to provide the tastiest, affordable, local produce year-round.

Our Way
We aspire to contribute to food security, even in arid climates. Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) makes this possible.
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    more efficient than typical desert greenhouse farms.

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    more efficient than traditional field farming.

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    of the water we use leaves the farm in your food

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    we grow all year-round, even in the harshest summer months.

Our Promise

Quality is
always in season 

Our solutions fight the climate so that your produce doesn't have to. We do this by utilizing advanced on-site water treatment to ensure food safety.

We also pack our own produce: immediately cooling fresh-picked produce to extend shelf life – preserving freshness, firmness and flavour.

Our Impact
Our Impact

Providing the best quality produce is only the beginning of our promise

It matches our commitment to society.

We make it happen through:

  • Improved food security
  • Water conservation
  • Skilled job creation
  • Economic diversification

Our constant engagement with governments, schools, and research institutions spearheads our initiative to lead the world into the next generation of sustainable agriculture.

The beginning

Turning desert lands into greenhouses

It began with us scouring the Arabian deserts to select the best sites for our greenhouses. Today, it helps us solve tropical challenges too.

Locally grown

What began as a vision,
evolved as an agri revolution

Out of the golden dunes,

plant paradise was born.

Sustainably farmed

Farming of the future,
for the future

We perfect our methods. Our plants are pampered with a perfect Mediterranean climate year-round, including the hostile summer months.

Naturally protected

Bees Bees

Our crops are protected by nature, not by chemicals. Bumble Bees are some of our hardest workers.

All year round

Always available

We aspired to spread our revolution across the world. Today, from our vines to your table, our team delivers the freshest, best-tasting produce 365 days a year.

Smart farms for fresh produce
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